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Charges and Payments

Residents pay a monthly rent, service charge and a support charge, each of which are reviewed annually. (Support could be reviewed more frequently if there is a change in circumstances.) Some of these charges are currently eligible for Housing Benefit and Supporting People subsidy.

The rent covers the accommodation, housing management and building maintenance costs. The service charge covers heating and all communal facilities expense charges as well as a proportion of the lunchtime meal cost. The support charge covers the cost of providing housing related services.

Shared Ownership purchasers pay a service charge and support charges but an element of the service charge is to cover housing management costs.

For both residents and purchasers, there may be a charge for the provision of care based on SMBC’s charging policy. Otherwise, any care needed can be purchased through a private arrangement.
The exact amount each resident pays depends on their particular circumstances.

Assistance is provided by SCHA to help residents work out the cost to them individually; and to claim any benefits or subsidies to which they may be entitled.

For details of the current Rents and Service Charges for the various types of accommodation in Trinity Apartments, please click here.




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